Suit & Tie

From Michigan to California our government is failing in fantastic fashion in the new year; a moral compass wasn’t on DC’s resolution list. 

The youngest of their victims not yet born already abused by a system that refuses to treat all as equals. 

Politicians play with fire and we get burned as they get promoted.

 A wolf in sheep clothing is all you are, no better than the “criminals” you blame the ills of our society on .

 begging for our vote, promising us if we work hard and trust in you we will be rewarded

 and we oblige because a vote for you is a vote for all of us, right?

Wrong! no more than 2 minutes into your reign you loose all sense of morality and forget your ethical duties as a statesmen

too blinded by greed to see those you serve as human beings or to see them at all.

willful ignorance is not an excuse & blaming others is cowardly and disgraceful; takes away your street cred on mansion row

just another thug with a fancy zip code is all you are

year after year politicians get away with the most egregious of crimes, while their victims are forgotten and replaced with new sacrificial lambs.

How many suffer because of your collective greed?

How many lives have you destroyed by putting profits before people?

How little you must value life if you are willing to use water & air as a leveraging chip against your own citizens.

As your people starve from hunger, thirst, education and a living wage you suspiciously prosper 

As children were being poisoned by the air they breath and the water they drank what did you do?


Why should you be the only one whose water is free of lead and air free of methane?

while you deny, evade & manipulate the facts to keep money flowing to the governors mansion people are dying.

You scheme and lie while shaking hands and kissing babies. promising that a vote for you is a vote for our children’s future. but if our children don’t make it out of primary school what future are we voting for?

Liars, thieves and cheats. No, not all of you but majority rules in DC when too many are on the take

no names necessary you know who you are

And you are nothing more than criminals hiding in a suit & tie