I Didn’t Know

When I was 18 I feel in love and stayed in love but I didn’t know it was wrong 

Never one to think about color, ethnicity,culture or gender I just followed my heart

Never once thinking that my heart could be wrong

Walking hand in hand the outside world only sees black and white

And what they see they immediately hate

Never seeing us as humans we just become a side show for those who hate to snicker and sneer

Black and white that’s all they see, because that’s all they want to see

No one ever told me it was wrong to love someone whose skin color was different than mine 

I wasn’t raised that way

But maybe I should have known better as I saw and felt my parents go through the same hate and bigotry

I just thought the 2000’s would be kinder

My partner tells me to look the other way because saying something gives the bigots power but its hard to walk away & not scream in the face of such hate

 But keep your objections to yourself; stop using religion, the bible and gross history to defend your condemnation of our love

You don’t matter

 You wont win

I won’t let you take my dignity or pride that’s mine to keep in the face of your hate

And just so you know there is nothing you can do to ever make me think like you or agree that your hate is justified

because after all these years I know better



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