Media Blues

No place for truth only self serving sentiments colored with so much bias time runs out for anything of substance

Journalist have long left behind reporting the news in order to keep up with the most scandalous of affairs

So many pivotal events in need of airtime, investigation and proper discussion being buried under a pile of distractions meant to increase ad revenue not awareness

Showmen never reflect on their own negligence but rather place the blame exclusively on the viewers

There’s no time for honesty when seeking gossip, ratings & Ad money

Greed is always in charge & on full display during the 24 hour cycle of chaos

Artificial outrage has replaced journalist working to investigate any story unless it advances their self interest

Opinions are golden and truth is silenced

No longer a place to be informed, educated or enlightened; just an opportunity for an hourly cage match to run on a 24 hour loop highlighted by  gross commentary

the money shot is always the same; a split screen of two angry people fighting over anything controversial with a smiling middle man whose eyes have been replaced by dollar signs

After hitting the self destruct mode the news is a shadow of its former self

A relic pretending to still be relevant by transforming into whatever and whoever is popular for the day

A place viewers can only rely on to observe a dilapidated circus

And oh what a foul show it has become!








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