The deaf of democracy

You do not speak for me

and No, I’m not with you.

Nothing you say or make up with your posh friends in the “news” world or in Hollywood  will change my mind.

No catchy slogan or celebrity endorsement will help

I see through it all; including  your faux concern for the common man.

For me.

You both have divided and conquered through the most egregious of ways; using race, ethnicity, class, religion and intolerance to propel your greedy self interests

To be the last one standing you sacrificed every moral and ethical truth

Through your lifetime of inaction and ridiculous tongue you have shown me all I need to see and hear.

And while you scream and shout at one another my voice, OUR voices, the voices of the people continue to go unheard

So keep screaming and shouting because…..

you are not my role model or hero.

you are nothing more than a symbol of elitism dressed up as progressiveness and strength

Your attempts to appear “cool” by standing next to people who make a living shaming those of us who don’t fit their 90210 lifestyle only mocks the real progress that has yet to be embraced by you or your foe

So No, I’m not with you and No, you are not my voice

You don’t hear or see me because I dont fit the archaic labels you use to divide and conquer at any and all cost

My life has no value to you beyond a donation and a vote so I refuse to acknowledge your worth in my life or in our democracy

You both are nothing more than symbols of stagnation and cronyism in a profession that demands no accountability.

Your political status is a reminder that while we as a culture have come far, we the people must challenge and progress our ideals of what a “free” society looks like for ALL if this is what democracy sounds like in 2016.




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