The trash can

There is no pride in the game

For a year the media has tripped  over themselves chasing the man shrouded in gold like a dog chasing its tail.

A year of gross commentary and vile shouting matches has led to this..

Men and Women of privilege debating who has the most riches and who is less racist. Imagine two of the most luxurious people in the world featured on stylized news channels deciding who treats US worse 

I have more educated, compassionate and honest dialogues with my loved ones  at the dinner table

But we aren’t cool or famous so our voices don’t get heard.

Hours of the day are spent  dissecting his every word and gesture

Minutes are spent reviewing her long history of transgressions

And no time is spent on people like me, my neighbors or any real community in need of real answers

A natural disaster of historic proportions wasnt enough to get the tv personalities attention or airtime; they sent in a drone for a minute of airtime

Numerous worthy stories are left on the cutting room floor so a faux journalist can squeeze every second out of the days drama to allow another hour of his prime time show

Pride is nowhere to be found in this election;  not from the candidates or those charged to be pilars of the truth

The truth doesn’t exist when men and women choose apathy over work.

Its laziness wrapped up as expertise.

There is no trusted name in news or unbiased reporting. Just men and women seeking their own interests, ratings and ad money.

When those in charge of reporting the truth are swimming in the gutter we the people stay left behind.


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