The failure of men

Mr. Presidents

May you hang your heads in shame and embarrassment for such a grave failure 

All of you have failed my father and the fathers of millions

Our parents have made the ultimate sacrifice so you could live a life of grandeur

You all preach about patriotism but never make life better for our fathers or  the father’s before them

You all keep making promises

But purposely fail

You suffer from amnesia after the votes are tallied and donation checks cashed 

You all lied and keep lying

As men and women continue dying you do nothing more than shout empty promises all while saluting the flag

faux patriotism

Our father’s have done something you would never do; put country before self.

As men and women continue getting ill in mind, body and spirit, what have you done?

As many more die while waiting for care, what will you do?

Mr. Presidents what have any of you done to write such wrongs?

How many deaths will it take for you to turn your words into real progress?

Shame on all of you, Mr. Presidents.

You all have failed in ways you can’t imagine.

And none of you can begin to imagine such sacrifices, nor do you care to.

Because such grave failures don’t affect your father’s or mother’s.



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