Don’t blame Donald Trump

Since the man behind the golden palace announced his bid for presidency apathetic journalists, commentators, professional protesters, bloggers and the like have all blamed him for the increase in racial tensions.

But all the blame need not come back to one man!

He is only a symbol of the underlying racism that has existed in these united states for hundreds of years

And no voting for Obama doesn’t exclude you from being a part of the problem. It’s the same distorted thinking that many have used when they proudly proclaim “I slept with a black guy in college I can’t be racist”

If you needed this man, this one man to be reminded that racism was alive and well then you have chosen willful ignorance

He is just a man. Nothing more. No better than you. No better than I.

I’m neither a supporter or a denier.  I’m a realist. Many are seeking a political revolution and have chosen this man to led a revolt.

As both sides; the blues and reds have failed for so long

In a time when the national demographics are rapidly shifting self segregation is at an all time high. From the world of academia to real estate; so many are choosing to live in a homogeneous world.  Exclusively surrounded by those who look, think and feel just like them.

Group think is never a catalyst for progress.

The man behind the golden gates isn’t the problem; he is the latest excuse in a long line of excuses throughout our history as to keep racial progress on the most superficial of levels.  Don’t look to politicians, the media or Hollywood to be a shinning example as they are the biggest culprits.

Hollywood; one of the worse offenders has a long standing motto “white is the only way right” hell they don’t let ANY ethnic group tell their stories. Unless it’s about slavery or the wars.  Even futuristic movies are whitewashed.

So please celebrities hold back on the sobbing op- eds. Your paychecks suggest your outrage is fictitious.

This wild man shrouded in gold isn’t causing people to get violent or riot he’s just an excuse for many to point to and exclaim “well I’m not that bad” “see I told you white people are racist”

So next time you are shouting objections over this one man look around your own world to see if you too have failed.

Telling your teens not to bring home a date who is a different race. Proclaiming only  women who are fair are worthy of the prettiest title. Fearful when an ethnic family moves into your neighborhood or telling your children all white people are racist and all blacks are bad.

And lamenting  that races shouldn’t “mix” because whites stay with whites and blacks stay with blacks!

Private bigotry always comes out in public

Remember Trump is just a man with a loud speaker but all of you, all of us have the power to raise up families and neighborhoods to a higher level of co- existence.

We the people, all people are greater than one man.  And we all have the power to make this world, our world a place of love or a place of hate

I choose love, love for all!

What about you? Can you show love to all of mankind or only those who look just like you?