not woke in 20 16

I’m not woke because some inflated pop darling super model reality star drone wore a $700 shirt with trigger words

I was woke from birth because I had no choice

I Didn’t have the privilege of sitting in ignorance until 20 16 came; my hair and face forced me to see the world as it was

And has always been

Not the smoke and mirrors version the powers that be wanted me to believe in

I stayed aware and enlightened no matter who was in power

So please faux feminists, shallow Hollywood celebrities and complicit politicians spare me your ridiculous outrage you aren’t woke because you get it

you are woke because you are a walking billboard hawking whatever the ad man pays you to look and sound like

You are woke because it’s trending

I was awake while you were sleeping at the wheel too pampered to look at the ever changing world around you to notice how disconnected you truly had become

I was alive while you were promoting companies that seek to dismantle the spirit of people who look like me

I was progressing while you were too scared to sacrifice your airbrushed image to have a real thought or opinion

Your silence contributed to what you now stand against

If Donald Trump woke you then you are complicit not a hero or an icon

A real icon takes a stand when they could loose everything not just when its in vogue

How tragic you waited for this one man to open your eyes to what’s been all around us since the beginning

My birth didn’t afford me the privilege of being asleep to this or any other  election

And my occupation doesn’t give me a platform of paid hypocrisy

I’m always aware, because I have to be and not because an election made me pout

I don’t have time to be weepy when politics don’t go my way, it never does and never has

The powers that be have never spoken to me just about me; my religion,sex,race,income, zip code and culture

It’s always about the great isms of the world… minimizing the life experiences of those being preyed on

No one owns my opinions, thoughts or voice.

I will not conform to a stereotype that comforts you.

I will always challenge the system by the way I live,think and speak

while being a proud contradiction of who society says I need to be and why

I am free not woke and not asleep

Just free…..



The pusher man

Everyday in every community men, women and children line the corner in hopes of seeing the pusher man

He gains their trust but he’s no friend  

He’s their Warden. Keeping them sick while promising a cure

His  time is fleeting but he’s always carrying  

He should be behind bars but his street cred and fancy degree keep him free

He’s the real gateway, not MaryJane

A true menace to all of society

Yet there he is day after day getting more people hooked on the latest and greatest ways to increase the high and numb the pain

His customers grow by the minute as habitual ads show his stash making all the pretty people’s  woes disappear, from head to feet

Every body part has a symptom and a fix. Because, everyone has to be uncomfortably numb

My dude’s Axton and Curtis once grooved about this guy

But yesterday’s alleyman is nothing compared to today’s legal high

He losses 125 lives a day to the coroner’s line and destroys more. Some yet not born

Yet the pusher man never gets a charge

Because Big pharma rules all of DC

Handsomely paying their man to keep getting people higher and higher even while the death toll rises.




The failure of men

Mr. Presidents

May you hang your heads in shame and embarrassment for such a grave failure 

All of you have failed my father and the fathers of millions

Our parents have made the ultimate sacrifice so you could live a life of grandeur

You all preach about patriotism but never make life better for our fathers or  the father’s before them

You all keep making promises

But purposely fail

You suffer from amnesia after the votes are tallied and donation checks cashed 

You all lied and keep lying

As men and women continue dying you do nothing more than shout empty promises all while saluting the flag

faux patriotism

Our father’s have done something you would never do; put country before self.

As men and women continue getting ill in mind, body and spirit, what have you done?

As many more die while waiting for care, what will you do?

Mr. Presidents what have any of you done to write such wrongs?

How many deaths will it take for you to turn your words into real progress?

Shame on all of you, Mr. Presidents.

You all have failed in ways you can’t imagine.

And none of you can begin to imagine such sacrifices, nor do you care to.

Because such grave failures don’t affect your father’s or mother’s.


The trash can

There is no pride in the game

For a year the media has tripped  over themselves chasing the man shrouded in gold like a dog chasing its tail.

A year of gross commentary and vile shouting matches has led to this..

Men and Women of privilege debating who has the most riches and who is less racist. Imagine two of the most luxurious people in the world featured on stylized news channels deciding who treats US worse 

I have more educated, compassionate and honest dialogues with my loved ones  at the dinner table

But we aren’t cool or famous so our voices don’t get heard.

Hours of the day are spent  dissecting his every word and gesture

Minutes are spent reviewing her long history of transgressions

And no time is spent on people like me, my neighbors or any real community in need of real answers

A natural disaster of historic proportions wasnt enough to get the tv personalities attention or airtime; they sent in a drone for a minute of airtime

Numerous worthy stories are left on the cutting room floor so a faux journalist can squeeze every second out of the days drama to allow another hour of his prime time show

Pride is nowhere to be found in this election;  not from the candidates or those charged to be pilars of the truth

The truth doesn’t exist when men and women choose apathy over work.

Its laziness wrapped up as expertise.

There is no trusted name in news or unbiased reporting. Just men and women seeking their own interests, ratings and ad money.

When those in charge of reporting the truth are swimming in the gutter we the people stay left behind.

The deaf of democracy

You do not speak for me

and No, I’m not with you.

Nothing you say or make up with your posh friends in the “news” world or in Hollywood  will change my mind.

No catchy slogan or celebrity endorsement will help

I see through it all; including  your faux concern for the common man.

For me.

You both have divided and conquered through the most egregious of ways; using race, ethnicity, class, religion and intolerance to propel your greedy self interests

To be the last one standing you sacrificed every moral and ethical truth

Through your lifetime of inaction and ridiculous tongue you have shown me all I need to see and hear.

And while you scream and shout at one another my voice, OUR voices, the voices of the people continue to go unheard

So keep screaming and shouting because…..

you are not my role model or hero.

you are nothing more than a symbol of elitism dressed up as progressiveness and strength

Your attempts to appear “cool” by standing next to people who make a living shaming those of us who don’t fit their 90210 lifestyle only mocks the real progress that has yet to be embraced by you or your foe

So No, I’m not with you and No, you are not my voice

You don’t hear or see me because I dont fit the archaic labels you use to divide and conquer at any and all cost

My life has no value to you beyond a donation and a vote so I refuse to acknowledge your worth in my life or in our democracy

You both are nothing more than symbols of stagnation and cronyism in a profession that demands no accountability.

Your political status is a reminder that while we as a culture have come far, we the people must challenge and progress our ideals of what a “free” society looks like for ALL if this is what democracy sounds like in 2016.



I Didn’t Know

When I was 18 I feel in love and stayed in love but I didn’t know it was wrong 

Never one to think about color, ethnicity,culture or gender I just followed my heart

Never once thinking that my heart could be wrong

Walking hand in hand the outside world only sees black and white

And what they see they immediately hate

Never seeing us as humans we just become a side show for those who hate to snicker and sneer

Black and white that’s all they see, because that’s all they want to see

No one ever told me it was wrong to love someone whose skin color was different than mine 

I wasn’t raised that way

But maybe I should have known better as I saw and felt my parents go through the same hate and bigotry

I just thought the 2000’s would be kinder

My partner tells me to look the other way because saying something gives the bigots power but its hard to walk away & not scream in the face of such hate

 But keep your objections to yourself; stop using religion, the bible and gross history to defend your condemnation of our love

You don’t matter

 You wont win

I won’t let you take my dignity or pride that’s mine to keep in the face of your hate

And just so you know there is nothing you can do to ever make me think like you or agree that your hate is justified

because after all these years I know better


Suit & Tie

From Michigan to California our government is failing in fantastic fashion in the new year; a moral compass wasn’t on DC’s resolution list. 

The youngest of their victims not yet born already abused by a system that refuses to treat all as equals. 

Politicians play with fire and we get burned as they get promoted.

 A wolf in sheep clothing is all you are, no better than the “criminals” you blame the ills of our society on .

 begging for our vote, promising us if we work hard and trust in you we will be rewarded

 and we oblige because a vote for you is a vote for all of us, right?

Wrong! no more than 2 minutes into your reign you loose all sense of morality and forget your ethical duties as a statesmen

too blinded by greed to see those you serve as human beings or to see them at all.

willful ignorance is not an excuse & blaming others is cowardly and disgraceful; takes away your street cred on mansion row

just another thug with a fancy zip code is all you are

year after year politicians get away with the most egregious of crimes, while their victims are forgotten and replaced with new sacrificial lambs.

How many suffer because of your collective greed?

How many lives have you destroyed by putting profits before people?

How little you must value life if you are willing to use water & air as a leveraging chip against your own citizens.

As your people starve from hunger, thirst, education and a living wage you suspiciously prosper 

As children were being poisoned by the air they breath and the water they drank what did you do?


Why should you be the only one whose water is free of lead and air free of methane?

while you deny, evade & manipulate the facts to keep money flowing to the governors mansion people are dying.

You scheme and lie while shaking hands and kissing babies. promising that a vote for you is a vote for our children’s future. but if our children don’t make it out of primary school what future are we voting for?

Liars, thieves and cheats. No, not all of you but majority rules in DC when too many are on the take

no names necessary you know who you are

And you are nothing more than criminals hiding in a suit & tie


Talking About My Generation

This is not the present I envisioned as a child; this isn’t the world any of us 80’s babies thought we would be taken over

Our expectations were far greater than the faux reality being sold to us; too many damn fairytales, prince charmings & happily ever afters.

Our parents mass exodus from their marriages shattered the illusion of a guaranteed happy ending; as Disney was okay with the execution of bambi’s mom but not for when she leaves in the middle of the night   

More of our parents were incarcerated than educated or counseled

The war on drugs was nothing more than an assault on communities who were unable to afford a beverly hills lawyer

Our backyards were torn down for fast food joints, parking lots & strip malls

We were told to recycle/ reduce/ reuse all while corporations and politicians sat idly by destroying and contaminating our air & water

Our individuality was traded in for mass conformity; becoming a generation defined by ad men, slogans & celebrity pitch men

All of our wanna be icons sold out to the most trending of brands in exchange for the same opulence they warned us about during their coming up

We had more access to technology & no supervision 

We were promised an education would be our golden ticket all we got was a piece of paper, debt & poor wages that keep the American Dream far out of reach

We were forced to “Just Say No” to POT & mandated to pee in a cup all while doctors and pharm companies created & profit of the current heroin epidemic

We are the generation left figuring out how to pay in full plus interest now that the tax man has come to collect

Corporations, pharm companies, lobbyist, and politicians all play an intergalactic game of poker using our future as collateral & never once flinch at trading in our wellbeing for a profit

We see the same social, political and cultural issues being replayed from generations ago with the same people offering the same tired solutions

The generation sold out for profit is not bitter or entitled.

Some of us have just decided to get off the wheel of insanity & redefine what happiness and success looks like

and many of us are working to be the change needed to make such 80’s fantasies a reality.

Be Well All